Red Oni. A strong woman with strong guns. The first of the Demolitionist side mods. For Doom (and Heretic, maybe).
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Teh Intro

Hey guess what? Ibuki is pretty cool, and it would be nice to be able to play as the Red Oni. So maybe she deserves a standalone mod of her own, with really cool guns and stuff.

So, while Demo-chan was out there blastin' away in the US, Ibuki too had her own adventures defending the home front. Many tales would be told by those among the invading demons who were lucky to survive, that "a woman with gigantic breasts" was slaughtering their forces. They would all get laughed at, of course, what kind of story is that?


Ibuki is pretty goddamn hardcore. For starters, most things are very likely to not even deal any damage unless they hit REALLY hard. Bullets and melee will simply tickle you most of the time, and various other damages will also be reduced. Also, due to the fact you can't bleed, you're immune to poison, unless it's breathed in.

If your health drops to zero, you will be incapacitated. In this state, you're effectively dead as far as the game is concerned, but you can still get back up. Reviving comes at a price, however. A temporary debuff that makes you more sensitive to damage. The more times you fall, the harder it'll get, so try not to be reckless, or you'll find yourself reaching for the "quickload" button.

Your increased bone and muscle density make you unable to float in water. You will sink to the bottom unless you actively keep pushing yourself up (luckily you can breathe underwater). Your bulk and strength allow you to easily shove enemies out of the way, unless they're just too heavy. While you do have a dedicated "quick kick" button to punt undesirables away, you can also rapidly shake from side to side, which will use the bulk of your massive body to push enemies away from you. Enemies directly in front of you will receive a much more potent shove, you can guess why.

As Saya often states, you are effectively "bulletproof" and therefore you don't really need to wear armor, so all you've got on you is some (rather showy) clothing: a simple black bikini and jacket, as well as some sandals.

Now, you might be wondering: "Where would your equipment go?". Well, unlike the Demolitionist, there is no need for Ibuki to use physical Hammerspace devices. Her natural magic bond has allowed her to develop something far more useful and easily accessible: The cleavage gateway (no, seriously). The gap between her breasts is directly connected to a dedicated storage space, allowing her to switch weapons and manage her items by simply pulling them out or shoving them in. A computer-brain interface lets her keep track of everything in her inventory, and pick exactly what she wants beforehand.

Note: Ibuki is 2.2m tall (7'3" for 'mericans), which would generally make it difficult to move around in maps. While normal crouching is already a thing, there's also a special "auto-duck" feature that will allow her to easily fit into spots that are at least 56 map units tall, immediately fixing that issue. This feature is NOT dependent on crouching, so it won't break in maps that disable it.


Ibuki's arsenal is a very personal one, composed of some of her favorites of all time (some of which are a bit too old, maybe, but still "gold").

Most weapons have the usual obvious controls of fire to shoot and reload to... reload. That's it as far as operating them goes. Additionally, as stated previously, you've got your "quick kick", and of course "quick grenades" as well (see Items section).

Mag management is entirely hassle-free, as ammunition is autoloaded on-demand within Hammerspace.

Slot 1 - Unarmed [Fist, Staff]

"Sometimes you gotta do things manually."

Guns of your own making, two of them. Bash in some skulls.

Ibuki will automatically alternate between right/left jabs until an enemy has been softened enough for a finisher hook, which will send the poor sod flying.

Pressing Reload will switch to your other melee weapon, once obtained.

Slot 1 - Purifier [Chainsaw, Gauntlets of the Necromancer]

"I'm not one for playing with balls, usually..."

Commissioned to Misa Unissix by Ashley Knox on what was basically a drunken dare, this was once a birthday gift for Ibuki. She's definitely taken a liking to it, and even though she's not big into baseball, she's used it for other purposes.

Hold the fire button to ready a swing, release to strike at whatever is in front of you. Considerably slower than bare-handed melee, but has a longer reach. Note also that this weapon allows you to strike at projectiles to send them back.

Pressing Reload goes back to using your bare fists.

Slot 2 - Ninnacht AS-12 [Pistol, Elven Wand]

"The perfect tool for solving problems in an advanced way."

Ibuki's most prized possession. She would never go out into the field without it. 12 Gauge, 300 RPM, 32-round drum mag, truly a beauty.

While you'd usually just hold the trigger and let 'er unload, you can also use quick taps to do single shots. Do note that thanks to its cleverly designed gas-operated firing mechanisms, recoil is almost nonexistent, so unload away without fear, you won't miss the target.

12 Gauge (#1 Buckshot) [Clip, Shells, Wand Crystals]

"Small, but powerful."

Shells are usually found in handfuls of 4, or in 12 round boxes. And of course, it's good ol' #1 Buck, for those big shreddin' pellets.

Slot 3 - Areka "Boar Slayer" Hunting Pistol [Shotgun, Ethereal Crossbow]

"Got this one as a gift from a nice Xekkian girl. Oh, I still remember that night..."

The Boar Slayer is clearly not meant for human use, but that's definitely not going to stop you now, is it? This has received the designation of a "pistol rifle" by Xekkians, although some would describe it more as a pump-action grenade launcher that happens to fire 50mm bullets.

Ammo for this (very large) puppy is relatively scarce, but that's compensated by how devastating even a single shot can be. Takes 5 bullets in the mag plus one in the chamber, though usually just one bullet is enough to absolutely destroy several targets.

50mm Areka [Shells, Ethereal Arrows]

"If that's the size of the round, imagine the size of the boar..."

Available on their own or as bundles of up to 5 rounds. These things are absolute chonkers. Just one of these would punch a hole the size of your head through a hell knight.

Slot 4 - ANFES "Melisa" Machine Gun [Chaingun, Dragon Claw]

"I see we are kindred spirits, you and I."

A true Spanish beauty, popularly known as "La Tetuda" (The One With The Big Tits). It's designed to handle 7.62mmMT rounds, specifically, also of ANFES manufacture. MT ammunition is well-known for "setting the air on fire" as it travels, despite not containing any incendiary material.

It should be noted that this was one of the very first commercial firearms to feed ammunition directly from hammerspace, removing the need to carry bulky ammo belts around. Simply being linked to an external ammo box or an autoloader within storage will allow it to fire uninterrupted regardless of its physical distance from the source of ammunition.

Note that the weapon has no way to cool itself, so continuous fire will gradually reduce accuracy. Remember: Short, controlled bursts.

7.62×54mmMT [Bullets, Claw Orbs]

"Wait, you're telling me these aren't tracer rounds?"

Very likely to be found in 100 round belts or lesser. Built to withstand extremely high temperatures, igniting the very air itself along the way.

Slot 5 - Kemet ST20 [Rocket Launcher, Phoenix Rod]

"Ah yes, the ultimate problem solver. Just shoot them with this, and watch all those problems fly away."

A man once thought about somehow custom-crafting 20mm tandem HEAT-MP rounds, and despite all sane logic dictating this to be very wrong and very not practical, he succeeded. This is the only weapon ever made for that ammunition. Have fun!

The fact that this weapon still exists and ammunition for it is still manufactured shows that there is SOMEHOW demand for something like this. The world is a strange place indeed.

20mm Mk.299 Tandem HEAT-MP [Rockets, Flame Orbs]

"This... This is literally a tiny thermonuclear bomb squeezed into 20 millimeters... How?"

Usually found as single rounds or in 5 round packs. You're lucky that Cyrus knows a guy who knows another guy who can supply you with these on the field. How this stuff even works is "Esoteric Finnish Nonsense".

Slot 6 - Cryptik "Psyker" Plasma Carbine [Plasma Rifle, Hellstaff]

"Ah... Now this is a blast from the past."

One of humankind's proudest achievements in plasma weaponry. While it's definitely "old-fashioned" compared to the more modern solutions of Nukuri and Xekkian manufacture, it is sufficiently effective by human standards, having even survived the test of time through several revisions since its first introduction in the mid-2030s.

Look, Ibuki just loves guns that have "aged like a fine wine", and this is one of them. One would probably also say she likes it because it's all black and red, her two favorite colors.

Unlike most other plasma weapons of modern times, the Psyker doesn't need to let others know it's a plasma weapon by constantly emitting light.

Plasma Cell [Cells, Runes]

"Nice and simple, how things used to be before they started putting all those random fancy lights on them."

Plasma ammunition is generally found in NATO standard 60x72mm compressed argon cells. Each of these allows for 30 shots of the Psyker. Note that your autoloader has support for consolidating plasma charges too, so partial reloads won't be as wasteful.

Slot 7 - Cyrus "Quaker" Portable Cannon [BFG 9000, Firemace]

"Pretty hefty, this one. Can't even conceal the damn thing between my boobs."

Portable 120mm artillery? It's all possible thanks to Cyrus Enterprises. Just be sure to have enough room in your Hammerspace to store up plenty of rounds to blast 'em all to bits. Do note that you need to manually reload this whole thing, it's single-shot after all.

120mm "Redeemer" Warhead [Cells, Mace Spheres]

"Adios, motherfucker..."

They're fairly hefty and stick out like a sore thumb. Still, they're somewhat rare to find. Redeemers have a fairly wide blast radius, cooking everything within range in less than a second.


Slots 8, 9 and 0 allow you to pick what you want to use for your alt-fire action, independent of the chosen weapon. Other characters would have these for spellcasting, but Ibuki isn't really into that sorta thing, she usually prefers to "get physical".

Slot 8 - Blow Kiss

A dedicated "distraction spell", where Ibuki will blow a magic kiss at enemies. Do note that these kisses are much stronger than Demo-chan's so they'll stun foes for quite a while, and in addition they also have the ability to charm Imps (they simply can't resist).

Slot 9 - Ground Slam

Hold alt-fire to charge, release to stamp your foot on the ground, causing all enemies around you to be temporarily staggered and pushed away. Note that you have to be standing in solid ground for this attack to work. Also note that this won't do anything against enemies that are not touching the ground, either.

Slot 0 - Oni Tackle

Charge forward for as long as the alt-fire is held, pushing through all weak foes in your way until you hit something massive enough to stop you.


Gotta have some of these too to help in your adventure. Ibuki will happily hoard what she doesn't need to use right away. Items that are at max capacity will not be picked up, but nevertheless they will still be tallied and have their script specials activate when touched.

Soft Candy [Health/Armor Bonus, Time Bomb of the Ancients]

"Nothing like a sweet little treat to calm my nerves..."

A small appetizer. Flavors are randomized, each giving anywhere between 1 and 6 HP. Keep in mind Ibuki loves snacking as much as Saya, so she'll munch on these even if she doesn't need the healing.

Water Bottle [Stimpack, Medikit, Crystal Vial, Quartz Flask]

"I know a sizable number of people who should drink more of this, because they sure are thirsty..."

Staying hydrated is important. Available in two sizes, recovering 10 HP and 25 HP each.

Spiritual Stimulant [Soulsphere, Megasphere, Mystic Urn]

"Ohhhhh... That feels good..."

A potent overheal of 100 HP with no upper cap whatsoever. Note that any healing above 100 will wear off over time, faster the higher it's at. Megaspheres are replaced by two of them, for a 200 HP boost.

Oil Bottle [Green Armor, Blue Armor, Silver Shield, Enchanted Shield]

"Time to oil up..."

Increases your damage resistance, somehow (something about Ibuki's skin). The more you rub on, the better. Note that going for a swim will cause you to rapidly lose this protection.

Hammerspace Embiggener [Backpack, Bag of Holding]

"Heh... Nerd..."

Lets you carry more ammo. Your plan allows for up to 8 expansions. In addition, each redeemed card comes with a free delivery of ammo for most of your weapons.

LiSA Room Tearing Device [Blursphere, Shadowsphere, Morph Ovum]

"Saya keeps laughing at the name of this thing. I don't really get it."

A very potent timed explosive that will latch on to just about anything, including enemies. Make sure to take cover, because it hits hard. Used through a dedicated keybind, rather than the inventory bar.

Bootleg "Mischievous Ellen" Vodka [Berserk, Tome of Power]

"Bottoms up!"

This will bring you back to full health and give you a fairly decent strength boost (Enough to tear enemies apart with your bare hands) for your melee attacks and secondary abilities. Do note however that Ibuki's body metabolizes the drunkedness away quickly. Part of Ellen's seemingly unending stash.

Omnisight [Computer Map, Map Scroll]

"Good thing I brought along my tablet, or I'd get lost in this dump."

Fills out the data for your automap, basically.

Red Oni Milk Bottle [Invulnerability, Ring of Invincibility]

"My milk is delicious~"

Your own personal brand of milk, full of the same nutrients that made you one strong super soldier. This thing can get you so pumped up you pretty much become unstoppable after chugging it. Talk about getting high off your own supply...

Glow Visor [Lite-Amp, Torch]

"Pretty sure this is the same model Ellen-san uses."

Cheap and easy night vision goggles. Can be toggled if you wanna save that battery.

Elemental Coating [Radsuit]

"Sometimes you gotta wear protection..."

The usual solution for getting into dangerous terrain. Just pop it and go for a dive. Note that while it's active, your oil will not wear off in contact with water.

Aerial Amulet [Wings of Wrath]

"It's surprising that this thing can even lift me off the ground."

A convenient little magic artifact that allows you to float in mid-air. Far more comfortable than the Gravity Suppressor, but unlike that one, this has a weight limit (poor Demo-chan, their shiny metal butt is just too damn heavy). Its effects can be conveniently toggled at will, allowing you to save up energy when needed (don't forget to bind the "Toggle Flight" key).

Safety Tether [Chaos Device]

"I'm outta here, bitches."

Allows you to make a quick escape back to the start of the map when activated. Also releases some damaging shockwaves on both endpoints in the process. Useful when you're trapped in some inescapable room, or get surrounded by an overwhelming amount of enemies.

NIN Radio

"I could listen to these all day."

A playlist of several instrumental Nine Inch Nails tracks, ready to be popped into your trusty music player. Tracks are automatically shuffled and will play one after another, rather than looping per-map. This will be distributed as a separate add-on to save on size for the main package.


Doom is pretty much the baseline here. Heretic support will be added later on but it won't be a high priority. In regards to Hexen I don't think it'd fit much both gameplay and story-wise. It's very likely that it'll remain solely Doom and Heretic compatible and nothing more. As there's not much id-specific here like there was with the Demolitionist mod, it could also work with Freedoom, I suppose.

Note: Playing through vanilla maps with this would be considered a storyline discrepancy, but I'm not gonna stop you.

"I'm just here to have fun, and you bastards are here to provide that fun."