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  • I'm just an old fashioned C hacker who fancies systems stuff and videogames.

  • Joined on 2023-12-18
Shared library for the Demolitionist side mods. Not meant to be used by itself.
Updated 2024-05-09 18:59:24 +02:00
The unexpected fourth Demolitionist sidemod. Starring a very spooky, cute witch, who enjoys big swords, and also big guns.
Updated 2024-05-09 18:53:12 +02:00
Bless the cute emperor. Guns, magic, and very strong opinions on those pesky "puzzles". The third of the Demolitionist side mods. Designed mainly for Hexen.
Updated 2024-05-09 18:48:00 +02:00
Guns, spellcards, and a smug nerd gremlin to tie it all together. The second of the Demolitionist side mods. For Doom only.
Updated 2024-05-09 18:47:15 +02:00
Red Oni. A strong woman with strong guns. The first of the Demolitionist side mods. For Doom (and Heretic, maybe).
Updated 2024-05-09 18:39:28 +02:00
Codename: Demolitionist. An ambitious GZDoom gameplay mod featuring non-stop over-the-top action, crazy guns, and a cute, sassy robot protagonist, as well as lots of LORE. (Formerly known as SWWM GZ)
Updated 2024-05-06 09:34:12 +02:00
Repository for standalone UI mods.
Updated 2024-04-22 13:02:48 +02:00
A playlist mod originally designed for personal use, meant as a companion for Codename: DEMOLITIONIST.
Updated 2024-01-08 23:56:59 +01:00
MariFX - Shaders for GZDoom
Updated 2023-12-29 22:04:25 +01:00
Custom animated fluid textures for Doom, Heretic, Hexen and various other WADs. For use with Codename: DEMOLITIONIST.
Updated 2023-12-23 22:33:18 +01:00
Compatibility patches for various monster packs for use with Codename: DEMOLITIONIST.
Updated 2023-12-18 19:48:04 +01:00
Gross-hacky replication of Unreal Engine 1 procedural fire textures
Updated 2023-12-18 19:43:53 +01:00