Codename: Demolitionist. An ambitious GZDoom gameplay mod featuring non-stop over-the-top action, crazy guns, and a cute, sassy robot protagonist, as well as lots of LORE. (Formerly known as SWWM GZ)
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The Introduction

Codename: Demolitionist is an all-original gameplay mod for GZDoom with a basis on rapid, fluid movement mechanics as well as very satisfying, punchy, strong weaponry. In it, you play as the titular Demolitionist, a robot with quite a personality, who's destined to save the day, as explosively as necessary.

The mod's arsenal could be seen as a "best of" collection of custom weapons I've made for Unreal Tournament, plus many new things that didn't make the cut there. It is also effectively a reboot of the entire Some Weird Weapons Mod (SWWM) series, which unfortunately ended with the cancelled SWWM Z, this mod's direct predecessor (hence this project originally starting its days under the name of SWWM GZ).

It contains weapons and items remastered and revived from old projects such as the previous SWWM entries, along with the Zanaveth Ultra Suite side project, and also notably, the main UnSX series that never truly saw the light of day, as all work done on it so far has been lost forever. There may also be some original things here and there just to spice things up.

It also features A LOT of lore from the UnSX multiverse. I pretty much went wild here with all the stuff you can read, and I hope you enjoy immersing yourself into this vast world full of its many characters and their tales.

This is the first fully original mod I'm making since my work on Doom Tournament and Doomreal, and it is effectively built on the skills I've gained working on them, and some of their code also serves as a sort of foundation for it.

Hope you have fun exploding demon knees.


The Disclaimers

This mod contains strong language and mature themes. There is frequent swearing, discussions of war and other political topics, and various jokes that lean into innuendo. Should any of these discomfort you, please avoid playing.

This mod features loud sounds and flashing lights, which may be harmful to certain people. There are options to dampen some of these effects, but it may still be unsafe nonetheless.

The UI design and color schemes of the mod may be problematic to people with color blindness. Certain elements such as healthbars and various numbers could potentially become hard to see under some conditions. GZDoom has sliders for controlling not just brightness, contrast and gamma, but also color saturation, which may be of some help.

The characters and stories featured in this mod are part of my own personal fiction. Any similarities to real world individuals or events are entirely coincidental or, in some cases, loosely referential.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Codename: Demolitionist requires GZDoom 4.11 or later. For mobile platforms, this is available on Delta Touch as of version 5.1.

Recommended desktop hardware specs are as follows:

  • CPU: 3GHz or faster x86_64 processor (core count irrelevant, single-threaded performance is what matters).
    • Intel: Core i5-6400 or later.
    • AMD: Ryzen 5 1500X or later.
  • GPU: OpenGL 4.6 or Vulkan 1.2 compatible GPU with at least 3GB of VRAM.
    • NVIDIA: GTX 1060 or later.
    • AMD: RX 480 or later.
    • Intel: Iris Pro Graphics 580 or later.
  • RAM: 4GB minimum (8GB if using integrated graphics).
  • Display: A 16:10 monitor is recommended for the intended visual experience.

For playing on mobile, the following are recommended:

  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 or better.
  • Resolution: On high DPI devices, playing at a 0.5x scale is advised to smoothen the framerate.
  • Input: External keyboard and mouse are recommended, gamepad may not be enough, touch controls won't be manageable.

Recommended GZDoom settings are as follows:

  • Renderer: Hardware only, Vulkan backend recommended if possible, avoid OpenGL ES on desktop (it will disable custom material and postprocess shaders).
  • Textures: Either None or None (Trilinear). The graphics in this mod were designed with no filtering in mind.
  • Post-processing: Bloom is recommended, it is not advised to use GZDoom's tonemap filters. For other post-processing, use MariFX.
  • Lighting: Dynamic lights should be enabled. It's also advised to use Classic sector lighting, as other modes may over-brighten weapon models.
  • Audio: Increasing sound channels to their maximum limit is advised.

This mod has also been verified to run smoothly on the Steam Deck (in desktop mode). Although it is not really possible to bind ALL controls beyond the bare essentials, this might be addressed in the future.

(Testers are welcome for narrowing down more precise hardware requirements)

The Demolitionist

You are an Akari Labs Demolitionist Bot, one of the very first units, fresh off the factory. You are the company's greatest achievement in AI-controlled combat units, trained to efficiently use all sorts of weaponry, built with premium quality armor plating and robust but flexible joints. In order to show off your capabilities, your creator has decided to send you out to fight the demonic invasion brought upon by "those big stinkin' idiots at the UAC". Your time has come to kick ass and blow 'em up.

Additional features:

  • Glowing color tags: Located around various parts of your body, allows easy signaling and identification of the unit's presence in darker areas. The colors can be customized to easily tell apart multiple units.
  • Lucky Collar: A little gift from your creator, to keep you safe. Reduces incoming damage by 75% when you're below 25% health. Plus an additional 50% reduction to any damage from your own weapons.
  • High-Resonant Almasteel Plating: Your chassis is built from one of the hardest alloys known across the universe. Thus, your body is practically indestructible, but not impervious to damage. All splash damage is reduced by 80%, and you only take half damage from crushers (and may cause them to break, permanently).
  • User Menu: With the press of a button, open a dedicated menu to see all your stats in detail, info on carried items and weapons, check out a grand library of information on things you come across, and access the store for buying extra items with your score points.
  • Magnetic Utility Belt: Holds important equipment tightly, and is also the secret to how you can reload some weapons so damn fast.
  • Keychain: A lil' something to bring some extra good luck charms with you.
  • Pocket Hammerspace™ containers: These will store and deploy items on demand, along with keeping hold of any keys you find. The capacity for ammo storage can be increased by finding Hammerspace™ Embiggener modules.
  • Forx JetBurst™ Impulsors: Can be used for quick dashes in any direction, or even for short bursts of flight.
  • Impact Absorption Boots: Will negate any and all fall damage, and also allow extra boosts of speed to chained jumps (i.e.: bunnyhopping).
  • Targetting Array: Tracks nearby foes and provides basic information on their health. Compatible with Omnisight™ mapping modules for tracking key items and nearby exits. Can also highlight nearby pickups by holding a dedicated button.
  • Akari Labs CuteEmotion™ Display: Equipped onto your visor to show a wide range of predefined facial expressions in order to convey simple emotions to others.
  • Akari Labs LoudBoi™ Voicebox: Allows you to . Easily moddable to allow alternate voicepack add-ons (If someone were to make them). Your usual voice is quite robotty, due to a built-in filter.
  • On-demand Item Obtainers: AKA "hands". You can pick up the mod's items from a distance by pressing Use (Note that any trigger lines between you and the item still get activated, so you can't skip traps by doing this). Furthermore, if you hold Use for a while, you will also attract nearby dropped items towards you as well.

Note: Since you're a robutt you pretty much can't drown and are also immune to poison.

The Weapons

The arsenal this mod brings to the table is composed mainly of stupidly overpowered weapons, which has been my specialty for years.

Some weapons may have extra functions attached to the Reload or Zoom (referred to as tertiary fire) buttons, so don't forget to bind those too.

All weapons also have a quick melee attack through an extra button. It's not strictly required, but can help a lot if enemies get too close, as most weapons are dangerous to use at point blank.

If a weapon has no actions on either the reload or zoom buttons, it may be replaced with some special idle action, such as spinning or fiddling around with it.

Keep in mind you can only have one of each weapon per slot (with the exception of slot 1), so make sure you think things through with how to set up your loadout, 'cause you can't carry everything (that is, unless you toggle the option to do so, which completely defeats this attempt at balance).

Deep Impact (slot 1)

The signature SWWM melee weapon, an Impact Hammer on steroids.

Primary fire: Your usual compressed air push, you can use it to deflect projectiles or push away enemies that block your path.

Secondary fire: Charged shot that requires full air. Releases a potent "air bullet" that will tear through everything on its way.

Reload: Pump up more air.

Equipped by default on spawned players.

Combat Hammer (slot 1)

A hefty sledgehammer, built to smash things with extreme prejudice.

Primary fire: Swift strikes.

Secondary fire: Hold to lift it up, release to let it drop.

Tertiary Fire: Spin the damn thing, hitting all targets around you. Note that you have to keep tapping the button whenever the speed starts to drop so you can keep going, for as long as you want (be wary of motion sickness).

Do note one important thing: This weapon benefits from the effects of the Ragekit. Yeah, have fun dealing 8X THE DAMAGE PLUS IMPACT SHOCKWAVES swingin' it.

Explodium Gun (slot 2)

Primary firearm, another staple of the series, but more volatile than ever. A pocket rocket, a trusty ol' gun that uses Explodium-filled bullets to wreak some havoc.

Primary fire: The usual good ol' explosive shot. Has considerable knockback, but not really lethal damage.

Secondary fire: An "explosive reload". Rather than just discarding the mag as usual, pulling the pin at the bottom arms it as a grenade that you can fling at enemies for increased damage. The yield will be proportional to the ammo left in it.

Reload: Just a plain ol' reload, nothing else, no explosions or anything.

Equipped by default on spawned players. Has infinite ammo.

If you manage to get a second one, you can dual wield them, in which case secondary fire instead shoots your off-hand gun.

Explodium Bullets

Custom-crafted .387 caliber rounds with a high-explosive charge. They hit real hard, especially when shooting foes head-on. As mentioned above, you do have an endless supply of them, so they're handy as a fallback to save on ammo for the stronger guns.

Explodium Magazine

Just an ordinary single-stack 7 round magazine... Or is it? As you may see, it's equipped with a latch that arms it as a shock-sensitive grenade, which will automatically cook off all loaded rounds in response to strong impact or crushing force.

Keep in mind that it's also possible to use these by themselves, regardless of weapon held, through the "Quick Grenade" button. If thrown in this way, however, they will not bounce, but you do gain the ability to, if you are close to a wall, attach them to it, allowing you to set up explosive traps.

Plasma Blaster (slot 2)


Energy sidearm, for those times when you just want to let 'em burn. What it lacks in explosive potential compared to the Explodium Gun, it compensates by packing one hell of a scorching bite on direct hits.

Primary fire: Let loose some pew-pews. The projectiles aren't very fast, nor get very far.

Secondary fire: Hold firmly with both hands and charge up a potent shot. This one is a lot more lethal, as you may imagine, and consumes all loaded ammo.

Reload: Swaps the loaded plasma cell for a fresher one, as you'd expect.

Likewise, also has infinite ammo, so go wild. And yeah, it can also be dual wielded, working the same way.

Plasma Cell

Yet another ammo type you have unlimited free access to. Nokorokinylum is one of the cheapest and most readily available fusion fuels in existence... At least outside of the Milky Way. Each cell has enough material for 8 shots, same exact capacity as the Explodium Gun with one round in the chamber included, in fact.

Spreadgun (slot 3)

Coming from the Doom modding side of things, this gun really packs a punch, but is kind of unwieldy to use.

Primary fire: Fires, duh. Depending on the loaded ammo the effects may vary.

Secondary fire: Loads a special golden shell (if you've got any).

Reload: Reloads the gun, obviously.

The "Rhino Stopper" Spreadgun uses 6 gauge ammunition, apparently just for the sake of making it feel more powerful due to the increased recoil. A single shot from this thing is about as powerful as your typical "super shotgun", enough to topple one Pinky demon that gets too close for comfort.

Wallbuster (slot 4)

A ludicrously overkill weapon, courtesy of the always-overkill Blackmann Arms. Sporting a pentagonal array of 5-barrel cylinders, for a grand total of 25 barrels. Everything in front of you is pretty much dead.

Primary fire: Shoot one barrel at a time.

Secondary fire: Shoot five barrels at once, watch out for the recoil.

Tertiary fire: Fire all barrels at the same time, but this time REALLY watch out for the recoil.

Reload: Reload (obviously). One cylinder at a time, until you either run out of ammo, or release the reload button (yes, you have to hold it).

While it has the same potency per shot as the Spreadgun, the longer barrels do offer the advantage of a tighter cone of fire, so it's more useful at longer distances.

Should you make use of its multi-fire functionality, you will soon learn why it bears the name of "Wallbuster".

6ga Shells

A potent dosage of #00 buckshot, ready to tear enemies to shreds, comes packed into each of these. Shells will pop up by themselves or in bunches of various sizes. They're perhaps one of the most common ammo types you may encounter.

Golden Shell

Be on the lookout for this shiny and sparkly special kind of shell, Spreadgun-exclusive, that rarely drops from certain foes (bosses and/or monsters with over 1000HP). Loaded into your gun, it will fire a sabot packed with a very dense, high-grade Explodium charge, as well as some gold glitter (which is just for show).

Golden shells are clearly designed by someone completely insane, and definitely guaranteed to not fail catastrophically and blow up your gun, your hands, your arms, and the rest of your upper body.

Puntzer Beta (slot 3)


A fine six-shooter for the gunslinger at heart. Particularly, it's a semi-auto revolver, and one that in addition is top-break as well. Ain't that a rarity...

Primary fire: It do the shoot, at moderate speed.

Secondary fire: Prime the six-shot mode, after which a tap of primary fire will make the gun unload all six barrels in quick succession.

Reload: You can guess what it does. Speedloaders aren't needed as rounds can be quickly replaced from Hammerspace.

The Beta boasts pinpoint accuracy at any distance, mainly because Doom maps never get large enough that you'd need to account for the Coriolis force on these rapidly spinning bullets.

Puntzer Gamma (slot 4)


Just your friendly neighborhood SMG, with a somewhat unconventional feeding system.

Primary fire: It shoots, what else. Note that you'll gradually lose accuracy the longer you keep firing. The gun fires faster than your body can counter its recoil.

Secondary fire: Toggles between full auto and... Fuller auto?

Reload: Ah yes, it reloads.

As its ammunition is interchangeable with the Beta, you won't be missing much (other than the SPEED and the mag capacity) if you decide to keep a Wallbuster in this slot.

SMW.05 Rounds

These 6.9mm (nice) corkscrew-shaped bullets have some fine drilling power, being capable of piercing nicely through many things, including walls. You may find them in various forms, sometimes as speedloaders for the Beta, and other times as magazines for the Gamma.

Eviscerator (slot 5)

The pleasure of shrapnel spamming. Make hot steaming pain rain upon your enemies.

Primary fire: Deploy a curtain of hot lead, ricocheting all over and tearing everything to shreds.

Secondary fire: Launch the entire shell. Hot lead will be deployed wherever it hits.

Tertiary fire: Toggle between wide spread (default) and tight spread for primary. With a tighter spread, chunks will be closer together and reach higher speeds, but bounce more erratically. In addition, lobbed shells will also go much farther.

This weapon made the Unreal Engine cry, so GZDoom may suffer a lot too.

Eviscerator Shells

Little bundles of fun (in hot lead form) found either as single units, in duos, or in trios. There is no explanation for why they have an OwO face scribbled on.

Sheen HMG (slot 5)

HEAVY MAH-SHEEN GUN! The Sheen is one big bad son of a gun, letting you unload lead uninterrupted thanks to also feeding directly from Hammerspace. The weapon can operate at three speeds: 300RPM (slow), 700RPM (the default) and 2100RPM (oh my).

Primary fire: It shoots, obviously. Keep in mind there is no "spin up" or "spin down", so firing is as immediate as it gets.

Secondary fire: Increase the firing speed.

Tertiary fire: Decrease the firing speed.

As you may guess, there is heat buildup to worry about with this thing. Despite its efficient liquid cooling, there's nothing that can be done against the sheer density of dakka you can deliver. At the maximum of 2100 RPM, the heat buildup can push the weapon into temporary lockdown until it fully cools off. While the added heat may make your shots more damaging, it will also negatively affect accuracy.

14.5mmMT Bullets

Things get intense when even your bullets have to be built with special, exotic materials made to resist extreme heat. You can find 'em in small handfuls, packs of ten, or crates containing a whopping 50 rounds each.

By the way, they're not tracer rounds, they just get so hot they literally set the air on fire. Ain't that metal...

Hellblazer (slot 6)

Another signature weapon of the SWWM series. This time in its third and far more improved revision.

Primary fire: Shoot a hot flaming rocket straight ahead. Hold to load up to 2 additional rockets, then release for burst fire. You can tap the secondary fire button at any time to cancel the preload and go straight to holding.

Secondary fire: Lob the rocket as a grenade that will bounce around. Hold to load up to 2 additional grenades, then release for burst fire. You can tap the primary fire button at any time to cancel the preload and go straight to holding.

Tertiary fire: While holding rockets, tap to select seek targets. Otherwise, doesn't do much at all (yet).

Reload: Obviously does what you'd expect. If you're holding rockets and have targets locked on, tap to clear.

This thing is more explosive than it looks, so if you're reading this, Icarus, DO NOT use it at close range.

Blazer Missiles

Ammo for the Hellblazer, found either as single units or in bunches. The "Blazer" 25mm micro-missile packs one hell of a punch with its highly explosive charge, with not just one mighty immediate blast, but also a short-lived lingering aura of big blazing hurt around itself too.

Quadravol (slot 6)

One mighty relic of the beginnings of UnSX. This beefy handcannon spews potent fireballs that burn stuff up good, while also blasting it all into the air. And what's even better, it's lever-action! (oh yeah~)

Primary fire: Shoot 'em.

Secondary fire: Pumps more rounds into the gun's crucible, for extra potency (up to 5x). Do note that the shot not only will become stronger, but also more unstable. If at max charge, you can hold one more live round in the chamber to further boost the resulting damage.

Tertiary fire: Switch the weapon stance, from two-handing to one-handing. You know, so you can give it a full-on spin like in the action movies.

Reload: Loads more rounds in reserve.

When using the weapon's quick melee, as the four pile bunkers plunge themselves into an enemy, if at that very instant you also pull the trigger, you'll release a potent point-blank blast for added damage and knockback. Smite those fools, smite them good.

Quadravol Cells

Each of these lil' things contains a mixture of high-incendiary exotic elements. The stuff's so powerful it even burns underwater, somehow.

Biospark Carbine (slot 7)

A relic from the olden days of UnSX. A potent energy weapon that uses what's best described as "sentient lightning".

Primary fire: Small blobs of energy that explode violently on impact. Hold for rapid fire.

Secondary fire: Concentrated beam shot. A very old thing from the original UnSX I incarnation. Can penetrate multiple solid targets. Can also be held for rapid fire.

Tertiary fire: Deploy a capsule that releases a massive sphere of pure energy, which will track down any hostile targets. It will rip through everything and even bounce off surfaces, but it has a rather limited lifespan.

Reload: If all energy is depleted, loads in another charge, otherwise, if there's one already connected, a second will be attached, allowing for 8 shots instead of 4, at the cost of stability and potential self-damage.

If the beam hits either of the other energy blobs, they will detonate with highly amplified damage and range. Note that it is possible to alternate between primary and secondary modes while rapid firing, making this combo just a matter of precise timing.

Biospark Unit

Contains a lot of energy, despite the small size.

Sparkster Rifle (slot 7)


You've seen the granddaddy, now meet its young and promising descendant. The Sparkster is yet another signature weapon of the UnSX series, and you will not be disappointed with the mighty power you'll wield in your hands.

Primary fire: Kinylum plasma shots. Stable, steady, and quite explosive.

Secondary fire: Nokron plasma shots. A chaotic, scorching cloud of burnination.

Primary fire + Secondary fire: Holding both buttons at once will mix both compounds to produce a lethal orb of violet plasma.

Primary reload: Load in more Kinylum cells.

Secondary reload: Load in more Nokron cells.

Yes, this portable plasma artillery has two ammo types, handled separately. And yes also, they can be combined. Ain't that neat.

Kinylum Cells

Neatly packaged single-shot charges of Kinylum. Recognizable by its cyan glow and fresh mint scent.

Nokron Cells

Neatly packaged single-shot charges of Nokron. Recognizable by its magenta glow and delicious cheese aroma.

Silver Bullet JET (slot 8)

The definitive model of Blackmann Arms's legendary Silver Bullet series. A lighter (43kg), lower caliber (1.150) variant of the former 1.350 BEHEMOTH model, discontinued due to being seen as too impractical (it was full auto, no, really).

Primary fire: Shoot the bullet.

Secondary fire: Cocks the gun, loading a new round if available. Note that you can eject unfired rounds in the process (if you somehow want to).

Tertiary fire: Press and hold to enter scoped mode. Release to pick the desired zoom level (can go up to 16x). Press again to exit scoped mode.

Reload: Reload (what else is new).

This weapon is generally not recommended for human use outside of power armor. Good thing you're not a human, then. Still, the recoil compensator jet engines can potentially deal damage to yourself if you don't have any armor, so be careful.

Note that going prone (crouching) will automatically disable the recoil compensators, increasing the potential damage of the bullets, but also reducing your mobility.

1.150 XSB Bullets

The 1.150 caliber eXplosive Super Burst bullets employ an Explodium shaped charge to be shot with enough energy to reach a relatively high velocity, allowing their massive bulk to penetrate several targets including walls.

In the world, they may pop up as spare bullets. Each five bullets picked up will be automatically converted to a full mag in your inventory. They are hard to come by, so expect to be finding singular rounds more often than not.

Ray-Khom (slot 8)


So, you are about to witness a weapon of legend from the ancient UnSX arsenal. This is a very, VERY big gun you've got here. Naturally, it serves as a staple of the Xekkian armies, being the standard-issue sidearm (yes, sidearm) of many soldiers and mercenaries alike. It's also the most silent way to eliminate Manderley.

Primary fire: Silent plasma grenade shot. Goes quite far, and blows up good. Your enemies won't even hear it coming.

Secondary fire: Short-range arc lightning discharge. Stuns hard, with deadly potential on lesser targets. Make sure you're not standing in water when letting loose (it's common sense). Also keep in mind that using this temporarily disables primary fire, as the weapon needs to fully recharge all capacitors.

Tertiary fire: Self-adjusting scope with trajectory prediction. Very handy stuff.

Reload: Ammo reloading.

By the way, those sharp claws aren't just for show, they hurt real bad when you use quick melee with this thing.

Ray-Khom Bolts

40mm magnetized bolts with a plasma payload. They're basically just grenades, really. Fairly uncommon, but very rewarding to find.

Candy Gun (slot 9)

Coming from an old unreleased weapon mini-mod, the Candy Gun is like an Explodium Gun on steroids (or more specifically, on strawberry candy and pop rocks).

Primary fire: Explosive candy bullets. The blasts are a tasty treat of pain.

Secondary fire: Like its weaker counterpart, the mag is armed and yeeted with extreme prejudice (you cannot perform this action if you have no more ammo left).

Reload: Does what you'd expect.

Holding secondary fire and primary fire (in that order) will throw the weapon itself, armed and ready to explode if it hits anyone or anything. The blast area for this is pretty ridiculous. You can hold spare guns, by the way (up to four).

Candy Gun Bullets

The ammo for this beast. Mags don't pop up on Embiggeners, and in Hexen only on the highest tier Fabricators.

In the world, you may only find spare rounds, in small amounts. Each seven bullets picked up will be automatically converted to a full mag in your inventory.

Mortal Rifle (slot 9)

An experiment in creating the most definitive battle rifle for all armies across the universe. This thing came out of the University of Nos-Kora, so you can expect some things won't make a whole lot of sense with it.

Primary fire: The weapon is shot.

Secondary fire: Fire the under-barrel grenade. Or load one if empty.

Tertiary fire: Switch fire modes. There's the usual semi-auto, as well as... A shotgun? A stream of micro-bullets?? And a railgun??? Yeah, I don't even.

Reload: At least this does what you'd expect.

Don't rely too much on this thing, the ammo tends to be scarce, and it might potentially be cursed.

Mortal Bullets

These 4.44x44.4mm, square-shaped telescoped rounds have a lot of "fours" in them for sure. You will find 'em as-is, sometimes in bundles.

Mortal Grenades

44.4mm grenades that burst into target-seeking micro-bombs. That sure is a thing, yes. They're even more rare than the standard ammo, however.

Ynykron Artifact (slot 0)

Popularly known as the "Death Cannon". One of the four ultimate weapons commissioned by the mad dictator god Nedoshiaan, before his defeat... or at least, a very detailed replica of it.

Primary fire: Initiate the charge process for one shot. Once it has completed charging, a second press will release the shot. Make sure to keep some distance from your targets, because the resulting blast might catch you in its violent chain reaction, and there is nothing that can prevent your death if that's the case.

Secondary fire: Swap the orientation of the ammo box, allowing for a "reverse charge". The result of this is an implosion of massive strength located at a singular point, temporarily creating a vortex that will pull in anything that's not bolted down and tear it apart through potent tidal forces, including yourself if you don't keep your distance.

Reload: If charging, cancel the charge. Ammo will not be wasted, but it will have to vent for a while longer than after firing normally. If the ammo was spent, reloads as usual.

Unlike its previous incarnation in SWWM Platinum, this one doesn't have such an obscene pre-fire delay, so it's much easier to land a shot (not to mention also being far more lethal, thanks to the added chain reaction effect).

Due to its rarity, you can't buy it from the store, so you gotta find one (and only one) in the field.

Crystal Box

Additional ammo charge for the Ynykron Artifact. Contains a rod of polarized Puronokorokinylum crystal (pictured next to the box, not in-game), highly volatile when heated and stimulated with focused light.

These spawn VERY rarely and, like the weapon that uses them, you can't buy them either. It's also possible to find them in Chanceboxes, if you're lucky.

Rafan-Kos (slot 0)


Yet another very legendary UnSX weapon of old that never saw the light of day... Until today. The name of this peculiar artifact translates to Ultimate Weapon in the language of the Nukuri. As you may expect, it's meant to be the last word in weaponry, that's why it shares the same slot as the other big fuck-off gun.

Primary fire: A very big, very thick, very DEADLY beam of plasma.

Secondary fire: Scattered beams, pure chaos, everything they touch just melts.

Reload: Reload reloads, very reloadingly.

You ever wanted a nice and concise way to tell someone to fuck off? Just use this. But something like this can't be bought in stores, oh no, it's so niche that only ONE of it exists in the whole world. Try to find it, have fun.

Rafan-Kos Pods

Don't eat them. Each of these contains star stuff, basically. They're just as rare as you might expect. If you're lucky, you'll see a full mag of four somewhere, maybe.

The Pickups

Of course, one cannot go without little helpers along their journey.

Healing items restore health (duh), armor items do exactly what you'd expect, and then there's all the various powerups that grant you useful abilities.

All of these can be carried in your inventory indefinitely before use, except in deathmatch, where they're activated immediately. Healing items are automatically used whenever possible (with the lowest tier healing items taking priority). Armor is immediately carried if you don't have any of that type on you, or if your existing armor drains and you have a spare. Powerups stack their durations when multiple copies are activated (which is pretty cool TBH).

Health Nugget

+2 health boost, up to a cap of 200 points. Comes in bundles when replacing things other than health bonuses.

Health Tetrahedron

+10 health boost, up to a cap of 100 points.

Health Cube

+20 health boost, up to a cap of 100 points.


This artifact provides a +100 health boost plus a regeneration effect that heals +10 every 5 seconds, for up to 50 seconds, thus it doubles as a powerup. Its overhealing effects cap at 500 points (including the regen). Once its effects wear out, however, your excess health will gradually settle towards the typical 200 point cap. Unlike other health items, the Refresher auto-activates only if you're about to die. This usually prevents such a grim outcome... unless the damage is too high to counter.

Armor Nugget

Cumulative armor items that can increase resistance to all damage by as much as you can find. Each nugget adds 5% to the total. Above 100%, damage gets turned into additional health (up to the standard 100% cap). The upper cap for these is 200%. Comes in bundles when replacing things other than armor bonuses.

Blast Suit

The blast suit is a nice little light armor which provides a 30% reduction to damage and an additional 50% to splash damage.

Can handle a total of 150 damage points before breaking.

War Armor

Decent armor, protects very well against all damage. Reduction factors are as follows:

  • 80% reduction for elemental (fire, ice, electric, etc.)
  • 50% reduction to everything else
  • 70% reduction for all splash damage (multiplicative on top of the other two)

Can eat up a total of 250 damage points before breaking.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The ultimate meal. Grants a full 1000 health and magically gives you a full stack of Armor Nuggets, a Blast Suit and a War Armor. In addition it prevents you from dying at all when it activates automatically (this wondrous artifact can even save you from the destruction of the Ynykron Artifact). Keep in mind that this overhealing above 500 points fades away much quicker than the Refresher's, and you can't use another sandwich again until the overheal fades.

Ghost Artifact

Actual 100% invisibility, a relic from the old UnSX days.

This powerup is capable of turning you absolutely invisible. However, it does not prevent you from making noise, so it's best to use it to sneak past certain encounters, or prepare surprise attacks. Enemies will be very confused and try to attack where they last heard you, until they eventually take notice that you're not there.

Lasts 60 seconds once activated.


A special item with some... interesting effects.

Octuples melee damage, doubles movement speed, quarters damage taken... and has the unfortunate side effect of making you shout expletives non-stop.

"Ragequit" happens after 30 seconds.

Elemental coating

A proper radsuit replacement, and sort of a rehash of the old "Barrier" powerup from previous SWWM versions.

For 60 seconds, you can walk on hazardous floors or even take a nice swim in corrosive slime, scorching magma, freezing waters, or other extremes, while also having 100% resistance to elemental attacks.

Gravity suppressor (Heretic & Hexen)

In the SWWM series, there was a sort of tradition to "replace jump boots with flight", and it'll live on here in as well. This time, you'll be getting a proper easy to control antigravity powerup.

For 60 seconds, you can fly around in the air at 2x your normal walking speed, but do note that your movements aren't very precise while in this state.

Fucking Invinciball

This thing makes you impervious to pretty much everything excluding the Ynykron Artifact. It's said to go well with a glass of Sunny D.

You're fucking invincible for a total of 20 seconds.

Hammerspace Embiggener

Each of these you pick up increases your ammo capacity (not necessarily doubling it), stacking up to 8 times. They also give you some extra ammo, like a vanilla backpack would (though not for ALL ammo types).

In some special cases you may find "Bulk" versions. These generally only pop up if the mapper decided to spawn several overlapping backpacks in one spot, as they result from all of those items merging together.

Universal Ammo Fabricator (Hexen)

Separated into four tiers, they work pretty much like the ammo cubes in Doom Tournament, except they try to "balance" the total ammo given. The max tier fabricator is the only one capable of producing ammo for all weapons, as long as it can be bought at the store (so this excludes slot 0 weapons, for example). Due to some unspecified reasons, they cannot be held in your inventory, something to do with their nature conflicting with Hammerspace.


A floating lamp companion, may attract moths. These moths are unexpectedly fierce and will attack any enemies that get close to the light.


Reveals the entire layout of the map and shows key locations in the HUD. Also allows you to highlight pickups through walls when holding the Item Sense button.

Safety Tether (Heretic & Hexen)

On use, teleports you back to the start of the map. Basically acts exactly the same as a Chaos Device, although it also resets you to max health should you be under the weather. Additionally it also generates shockwaves on both ends, making your escape more dramatic.

Mykradvo Artifact

When used, bursts into plasma tendrils that will seek all visible hostiles within 100m and fry them good. If there are no hostiles around, the artifact will simply not ignite.

Has a chance to spawn in place of other items, but only one may spawn per map. Cannot be bought due to its rarity.

Divine Sprite

Rapidly boosts your health dramatically, for 50 seconds. Its effects will obviously fade afterwards. Your HUD can't exactly report your actual health, but it's assumed this goes way beyond the one thousand cap, somehow.

Only one may spawn per map, and you can't buy these either. If you manage to fetch one, use it wisely.

Devastation Sigil

50 seconds of absolute destructive potential for any damage you may deal, including to yourself (so be careful).

Same conditions as the other two. Make sure you find the perfect chance to unleash this beast.

The Collectibles

Every now and then you will find these strange "Lucky Chance Boxes" in secret areas, which you can open by pressing Use. In Hexen, they will also replace Dark Servants, Banishment Devices and Porkalators (as the game generally doesn't have secret areas).

While some will drop very useful goodies, others may provide you instead with a randomly selected item from a pool of various "collectibles". On pickup, these will give you a nice extra score based on their estimated market price. Some of these collectibles will only appear when you play specific IWADs (or those that go chronologically after them, e.g.: Heretic collectibles appearing in Hexen).

NUTATCO™ Chocolate Bar

A light snack, said to have a "savage taste". The branding was entirely Saya's doing thanks to her position as #1 sponsor of Vestal Foods.

Frispy™ Tasty Corn Snack

Saya's favorite barbecue-flavored corn nuts. She snacks on so many bags of these that their tasty scent has stuck to her permanently, becoming a walking advertisement for them. Kirin likes it, at least.

The Akari Project

A copy of Saya's famous sci-fi novel about interdimensional travel. Saya has frequently cited it to dab hard on the UAC and their failures. The interportal system devised by Saya in 2171 was named after this.

Meidobot - Love Signals

Debut album of Meido Miyamoto. Very cute and romantic J-Pop. Yes, it's a CD, and yes, some people still have CD drives out there. The album is considered a declaration of love to Saya, although it should be noted that this predates Meido gaining sentience (not that it makes much of a difference, as her feelings for Saya turned out to be very real).

Perfectly Generic Cube

A perfectly generic cube. It is exactly 128mm across each side, sports a pure green color and is quite smoothly polished. Its purpose is unknown, but it's a popular collector's item.

Haunted Saya Bean Plush

Eats your snacks and calls you a nerd. Emits a giggle when you squeeze it. Yet another of Nukritas 2xx's little handcrafted dolls. May or may not be really haunted.

Moth Girl Plush

A cute plush doll of Saya's favorite type of monster girl. Apparently the Nukritas brothers give her one of these every time they piss her off, so she's got an entire pile in her bedroom. It appears that this one bears with it some sort of "contract", whatever that means.

Saya's Mug

A personalized coffee mug that Saya uses to totally drink black coffee, (allegedly) without any sugar. A peculiar birthday gift from her brother Taro.

Demolitionist Plush (Heretic)

A soft and squishy plush doll of you! This became very popular after the events of Doom, with the Demolitionist having defeated the demons and saved the world. Fully articulated, face and tags glow in the dark.

Toot Froot™ Peach Juice (Hexen)

Saya began to stock up on these after her marriage with Kirin, for some unexplained reason.

Akkouxhei Milk Breads (Hexen)

A tasty treat from Kirin's homeland. These soft and fluffy pastries are so sweet they may be even lethal if consumed in excess. Saya gave herself a heart attack once after stuffing her face full of them.

I Married A Cherry Boy Emperor But It Turns Out He's Really Cute In Lingerie!? (Hexen)

A single-volume manga by Saya Miyamoto "based on true events" about a young girl who marries a seemingly pure and innocent emperor with a secret crossdressing hobby.

Kirin Plush (Hexen)

The most adorable and huggable plush doll of the cutest and sweetest emperor. This was not only also handcrafted by Nukritas 2xx, but also imbued with Kirin's magic, his blessing making anyone feel warm and fuzzy when holding it close to their heart. Like the Saya plush, also emits a cute giggle when squeezed.


Pretty simplistic so it doesn't get in the way of the action. Some things may be configurable.

Top left corner

Message display. Can be configured to show different numbers of messages depending on whether the chat prompt is open. Chat messages take much longer to expire than others, so there's less of a chance to miss them, as they might pop back up when the less important ones expire. Repeated messages are compressed with a multiplier suffix.

Top right corner

Minimap (toggleable). It works mostly like the radar did in SWWM Z, but has the added benefit of also showing map geometry (an absolute nightmare to code).

In addition, you may also see the stats for the level (as well as its name and map slot, optionally), and below, any collected keys.


Your crosshair would go here, of course. This mod features a physically projected crosshair that's pointing exactly where your current weapon will (usually) hit whenever you fire. If a weapon fires from multiple barrels, more crosshairs will of course appear for each of them.

It's likely that somewhere in this general area you'll see, on occasion when playing supported maps, some dialogue boxes with characters (usually Saya) letting you know their thoughts on your progress in the mission, and what lies ahead. Do note that these communications are entirely voice-to-text and one-way.

Oh, and also, when bringing up a certain weapon for the first time, you will see a tooltip detailing its basic controls. If you feel this gets in the way, you can disable it, of course.

Bottom left corner

Your health and fuel, along with an inventory box, and all active armors and powerups (with their respective durability/duration).

There is also a cute lil' classic animated mugshot, which shows your current mood, plus some visual effects caused by any active powerups.

Bottom border

Voice acting subtitles and pickup messages. Repeated pickups will have a multiplier suffix added. Total messages shown are also configurable. Achievement popups might also show here sporadically (yup, the mod has those).

Bottom right corner

The weapon slots. Above them, the currently equipped weapon's stats as well as a listing of your ammo.

And right above that ammo listing... Your current score.

The scoring system is pretty straightforward. Each enemy you kill will give you points according to 5% of its base health, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 10 and capped to 1000 (and multiplied by the current skill's damage factor), plus some extra bonuses for feats such as multikills (within 5 seconds of each other), gibbing enemies, killing bosses, and much more!

You are also given score for finding secrets and counted items, +100 for each secret, +1000 if it's the final one and +10 for each item or +500 if it's the final one. In addition, +5000 will be given to all players if the level is fully cleared (100% kills/items/secrets).

Score can be used to buy items on the in-game store (or gained from selling them), and it is preserved between hubs, but pistol starts will reset it (configurable, like most things).

Targeting Array

Because in the middle of the chaos that is this mod you might have a hard time trying to figure out where everything is in between explosions and massive smoke clouds, a targeting array has been implemented, which will show the following:

  • Players and monsters: Draws an identification label and a health bar. The bar can indicate when someone is invulnerable, as well as show special icons for allies and bosses. When they take damage, a cumulative counter will show up under the bar. Only enemies you or your allies deal damage to as well as those directly under your crosshairs are picked up, gradually fading once you lose sight of them.
  • Keys and map exits: If you've picked up an Omnisight, key items and any exit lines will be marked and labeled, along with a little distance indicator in map units. Note that this doesn't work for script-triggered exits (the exit line detection is also kind of wonky with the way some of them are laid out, so you might see duplicate markers and whatnot).
  • Highlighted items: Holding the "Item Sense" button will mark and label nearby items, in case they're hard to see among countless piles of corpses or dim lighting. If you have an Omnisight, items that are out of view (e.g.: behind walls) will be marked too.
  • Score numbers: Every time something gives you score, numbers will pop up around the source. For kills, this number might be accompanied by various strings of text as well, indicating additional bonuses applied.
  • Damage numbers: These, as expected, burst from anything within the map that takes damage, regardless of whether or not you're the one who dealt it (so you can guess something's going down if you see them show up all of a sudden). The color depends on the damage type dealt (with red as a fallback), though you may also see positive numbers in blue and green, which indicate when you or other players have gained health or armor respectively.

These components are toggleable.


Like a true Marisa mod, Codename: Demolitionist does not have multiplayer support (no, seriously, this has been a thing since my UT99 modding days).

Still, although it's not officially supported, it is possible to play both co-op and deathmatch with this mod, as GZDoom's netplay requires less modder involvement. Some caveats apply, however, such as the need to disable network prediction, as the various changes to player physics and behavior would quickly cause desyncs otherwise. Thus, the only recommendation I can give is to only try it out if there's low latency between players (e.g.: LAN multiplayer).

In cooperative play, the healthbars of other players are always visible no matter the distance or any occluding map geometry, so you can easily keep track of where everyone is, roughly.

When playing deathmatch, detailed ranking and score stats will be shown on the right side of the HUD, so you know who's winning and by how far of a margin. Note that in deathmatch, the full map is always revealed, but other players will NOT appear in the minimap or target array unless they're visible, or they're part of your team (if teamplay is enabled).

Now, all things considered, the experience of multiplayer with this mod can only be described as "pure unadulterated chaos". If one Demolitionist can already wreak intense havoc, imagine two... Or even more!

The End

That's all the info I can provide on this here Readme file, at least for now. Stay tuned for much more that will come in the future, as this mod is in constant development.

Anyway, hope you have lots of fun playing Codename: Demolitionist. Godspeed, and happy fragging!


"It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I don't have a mouth." — Demolitionist