Bless the cute emperor. Guns, magic, and very strong opinions on those pesky "puzzles". The third of the Demolitionist side mods. Designed mainly for Hexen.
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Really now?

Very much yes. Here's another one but for our precious emperor boy. Fun will be had.

How did we get to this point?

Saya knows full well that Kirin has "real experience" in the art of war, having participated in various campaigns in his homeworld of Arkai, but all those were tales that she didn't get to personally witness...

Therefore, an idea came forth: Have him do some field work in the land of Cronos, so Demo-chan can have a bit of a break from all the fighting they've been doing for countless years.

And so goes our emperor, with nothing in hand but his wits, his magic and... A GUN. May his adventures serve to make his beloved spouses proud, and for this ravaged world to see peace once more.


As a member of the Anarukon race, Kirin is completely immortal, being able to rise again from death, and also has a very strong bond with magic, allowing him to cast a variety of spells with ease, and with quite a deep mana pool, as expected of someone so well trained in sorcery.

He's also somewhat skilled at hand to hand combat, as a requirement for self-defense against assassins, and knows full well how to employ various firearms. Nevertheless, magic is where he shines, so these are mostly complementary.

Although Kirin has no access to Hammerspace, he nevertheless is capable of "carrying" a lot of equipment in the "void" that he has access to through the unique powers of his Yanikov blood. Most items will be put away and brought back from there as needed. He's quite skilled at this, so he doesn't even really need to carry anything on him to the field, he can just warp things in and out as needed. Saya was honestly impressed by his technique, and also kind of jealous, but still, she couldn't stop fawning over how awesome he looks practically "invoking" weapons out of thin air just like that. Oh, and it should also be mentioned that his emperor suit was constructed with armored lining, although it's not enough protection to survive in a serious combat situation (it's more meant as a defense against assassins).

Should he fall in battle, his body shall scatter in the wind and be reformed in a safer place, together with all his belongings. Such is the blessing of the Father of Eternity.


There are four weapons available throughout your journey, one of which you already start with. As this is a mod for Hexen, that's very much the "ideal" layout. The controls you need for operating weapons are both fire buttons, reload and zoom, so remember to bind them. Of course, as per usual, there's also a "quick kick" to be used with any weapon, as well as a "quick grenade", should you find any explosives.

Slot 1 - Unarmed [Fist et al]

"I shall not back down from a fight..."

Fight your enemies with your own body. This shouldn't be very effective considering Kirin's physical form, but it's helpful in a pinch.

Primary fire alternates between two quick jabs and a hook. This has some decent staggering potential, and can quickly push back small foes. Secondary fire opts for a swift side-sweeping kick. This is where Kirin's lower body strength shines, pushing real hard against rows of enemies.

The reload and zoom functions allow you to block and parry respectively. Blocking is mostly effective, thanks to the armored lining of your suit, especially around the cuffs. Parrying, if timed well, will leave an enemy stunned for a short period of time, upon which any damage to them is amplified. It is not possible to parry projectiles, you are not Demo-chan, nor know exactly how they can even do such a thing.

Slot 2 - Nelaka Rykha Semi-Auto [Pistol/Chaingun, Elven Wand, Sapphire Wand]

"A fine gun... And one that'll be most helpful."

One of the most common Anarukon handguns. Firing short 8mm steel bolts at very high speed, it does have some serious killing potential, despite being a weapon designed for civilian self-defense. Putting a couple of these in an enemy will make it topple down in no time. Each magazine holds 8 rounds. Kirin can carry up to 5 spare magazines in total.

Primary fire will of course shoot the gun, while secondary lets Kirin make use of a certain trick that he learned from his grandmother: Overcharging the internal mana supply of the weapon so its shots are strengthened for a limited time, while also gaining some... "Rather shocking" capabilities.

Like any Anarukon firearm, the weapon not only needs to be reloaded with more bullets, but also have its inner mana supply replenished in order for it to actually fire off rounds. This recharge process is done through the zoom key. In addition, even if there are no rounds chambered, the weapon can still deal some damage by being "dry fired" as the ignition impulse will still trigger while it has mana left.

Slot 3 - Nelaka Xei PDW [Shotgun, Crossbow, Frost Shards]

"Not the most potent firearm, but still... I'll take it."

Another usual Anarukon sidearm, often seen in the hands of mercenaries. At 5mm, it definitely doesn't have as much stopping power as the Rykha, but it can deliver more pain through its higher piercing potential and a coating of caustic materials. Each magazine holds 10 rounds, but the weapon uses two at once. Kirin can carry up to 8 spare magazines in total.

Primary fire shoots alternating between each barrel at a steady rate. Secondary fire lets you sacrifice some mana in order to temporarily "enhance" the ammunition as it fires, increasing the caustic damage of the rounds on impact for a limited time.

As per usual, this weapon also has to be replenished with mana through the same method as the pistol, although due to its lower muzzle energy the mana supply tends to last much longer, and dry-firing isn't as damaging.

Slot 4 - Sokana Fragment Carbine [Rocket Launcher, Dragon Claw/Hellstaff, Arc of Death]

"A genuine Sokana piece, it is an honor to wield it."

This is basically an over-under shotgun powered by magic, designed by famed gunsmith Irai Sokana, grandmother of one of Kirin's maids. Each cartridge comes packed with several iron pellets and a charge of pyromantic salt. Kirin can carry up to 18 cartridges in total.

Primary fire shoots each barrel. Due to the employment of solidified pyromantic mana, a potent burst of flame will be released with each shot, making attacks at point blank deal A LOT of fire damage. Secondary fire allows you to overcharge the loaded shells, enhancing their strength even further at the cost of extreme recoil.

Unlike other firearms, the use of a physical propellant means that the weapon does not need to be replenished with mana for it to keep operating.

Slot 5 - Unissix Crafts Warp Ballista [Bloodscourge, Phoenix Rod/Firemace]

"Such a mighty weapon... Thank you, Misa."

A gift from Kirin's very distant cousin. This beast is effectively an FTL rocket launcher. In Hexen, the weapon can be found disassembled into three scattered parts. Cyrus did this on purpose so the weapon can be "unlocked in stages", which Saya additionally commented on as being "some videogamey bullshit". Nevertheless, Kirin considers that to make the prospect of using it more exciting, as he has a great admiration for Misa's handiwork.

Primary fire will deploy the payload, piercing through any small targets in its path in the mere blink of an eye, before colliding with something hard enough to trigger its explosive charge. Secondary fire arms the explosive early, causing the projectile to burst upon hitting its first target.

Ammunition for this weapon can be found sometimes scattered throughout the world, but it's fairly rare compared to that of the other three. Part of the challenge, perhaps. Kirin can only carry six rounds for this, due to their size. The weapon itself can hold one in the chamber, adding up to a total of seven shots.

Slot 5 - Garrett M84 "Patriarch" Anti-Materiel Rifle [Plasma Rifle/BFG9000]

"I promise I shall make good use of it, aunt Axaleyu."

Replacing the Warp Ballista when playing Doom (strictly for lore reasons), this is one mighty .50 OMG rifle, tweaked personally by Ashley Knox for left-handed use.

Primary fire of course will shoot, with some rather impressive piercing potential, even through walls. Most small targets are guaranteed to explode into chunky bits from this. Do also note that .50 OMG kicks like an enraged mule on steroids, so you'll feel the recoil, oh you sure will. Secondary fire allows you to aim through the scope, for long-distance shooting.

Ammunition for the weapon is generally scarce. You can carry 4 spare mags, each holding 5 rounds.


Of course, Kirin knows a wide range of spells that he can make use of at his leisure, should he possess the mana to spare. All of these require only one cast button, so their operation is much easier (and to reduce how many buttons you need to have bound).

Slot 6 - Ember Flash

"Do not fear the flames..."

A fundamental pyromantic spell, and one that Kirin apparently uses very often. Release a burst of flame from your hands, with a lot of kinetic force behind it (so it can push enemies back).

Slot 7 - Cryotic Blast

"Make of the cold your ally..."

The cryomantic equivalent of the previous spell, also very commonly used. Releases a burst of gelid air from your hands. Both of these spells get a lot of use in pretty mundane tasks, so practically everyone knows how to use them.

Slot 8 - Boundary Break

"The key to the power of the Yanikov bloodline..."

A staple of the Yanikov family that not many can fully master. Tears open a gap through space-time connecting to a distant spot, allowing you to transport there almost instantly. Kirin generally doesn't use it outside of emergencies, as he considers it "slothful" to avoid walking by simply tearing through space.

Holding the cast button allows you to "preview" the warp destination, and releasing it sends you there in an instant. Do note that if you simply do a quick tap, you won't be able to guess exactly where you may land, but it can still be useful to make a quick escape in a pinch.


Obviously to aid you in this lone journey, you're going to need some extra help. Various items have been scattered around, as per usual. While you don't really need to care about storage space, Kirin would rather not hoard too much, so there are some limits to the items you can carry. Also he will never waste anything, so excess amounts that can't be picked up will be left behind for later. This is especially important for ammunition, of course.

Candy Bean [Crystal Vial, Health Bonus]

"Hehehe... I love these."

Each of these regains a bit of health and mana when eaten. A favorite among the Anarukon, which he often receives as part of his grandmother's seemingly endless supply of sweets. If Kirin isn't feeling hungry, he'll save them up for later, eating them one by one by himself when needed. These candies are stored in his pockets, for quicker access.

Refreshing Beverage [Quartz Flask, Medikit/Stimpack]

"It is very important to stay hydrated when exercising."

A popular, sugar-rich drink used mainly by Anarukon athletes. Regains some health on use, and has a very appealing taste to boot.

Akashna Extract [Mystic Urn, Soulsphere/Megasphere]

"A scent so familiar... A taste so delicious..."

A refreshing bottle of sweet tea with a pungent odor, made from iron-rich Akashna blood. Overheals you and greatly boosts regeneration upon consumption, though its full effects fade after a while. The scent will alerts enemies when used.

Mana Stimulant [Mystic Ambit Incant, Chainsaw, Gauntlets of the Necromancer]

"Nnnnnn... It tastes like medicine..."

A potion that boosts mana absorption for some time, allowing you to replenish your reserves quicker. Has a distinct "rooty" taste.

Ring of Protection [Amulet of Warding, Falcon Shield, Mesh Armor, Platinum Helm, Green Armor, Silver Shield]

"Sayacchi says they're everything you could ever want... I don't get it."

You can wear up to four of these at the same time, stacking into almost complete invulnerability. They will shatter after absorbing too much damage, however.

Ring Set [Dragonskin Bracers, Blue Armor, Enchanted Shield]

"Grandfather often says that good things come in pairs."

Two rings of protection in one package. Keep in mind you can keep four spares as well.

Red Oni Milk [Icon of the Defender, Invulnerability, Ring of Invincibility]

"Ibuki's blessing..."

A bottle of that one peculiar brand of milk that Ibuki personally sponsors. Contains super-nutrients that can boost one's defenses to unheard of levels, for a limited time.

8mm Short [Flechette, Clip, Wand Crystal]

"Made for murder... To rend flesh and bone..."

Found in pairs of 2 rounds. Kirin will hold up to 10 of them, but note that you will have to load them manually into mags before use. Any excess will be left behind. Pickup amounts for non-Hexen IWADs may vary.

5mm Xei [Blue Mana, Shells, Ethereal Arrows]

"Made for submission... To shed the blood..."

Found in bunches of 5 rounds. Likewise, can be held in reserve to load later, up to 20 of them this time around, excess rounds will be left behind as well. Pickup amounts for non-Hexen IWADs may vary.

20mm Frag [Green Mana, Rockets, Claw Orbs/Runes]

"To weaponize pyromancy in this fashion... Such is warfare."

Found as single rounds, free from mag management hassles. Pickup amounts for non-Hexen IWADs may vary.

.50 OMG [Cells]

"Such awe over its strength was enough to earn its name..."

Found as single rounds or pairs/trios (when replacing Cell Packs). Only 5 spares can be held, so make sure to keep your mags stocked up.

Ballista Rounds [Flame Orbs/Mace Spheres]

"So much power inside this..."

Sometimes found. Spawn rarity varies.

Assorted Ammo [Combined Mana]

"I shall only take what I need."

4 pistol rounds, 10 SMG rounds and 2 shells.

Ammo Pack [Krater of Might, Backpack, Bag of Holding]

"A bountiful resource..."

12 pistol rounds, 30 SMG rounds and 6 shells in one package, plus a ballista round!

Small Bomb [Disc of Repulsion, Armor Bonus, Timebomb of the Ancients]


A gift from Saya. Small, but packed with plenty of Explodium. They appear to be home-made, and have some odd Japanese word handwritten on them. Used through a dedicated grenade button.

Safety Tether [Chaos Device]

"This... I'm sure I've seen something like this before in Misa's workshop..."

Yet another gift from Saya. She wants to ensure that you don't need to perform a scattering should you ever get caught in an inescapable trap. This device will immediately transport you back to the entrypoint of the current area on use.

Accelerator Amulet [Boots of Speed]

"I can never get used to this... It's like my legs are no longer mine."

Hastens your stride for a limited time. Appears to also affect the speed of your melee kicks, too.

Devastation Sigil [Dark Servant, Banishment Device, Berserk, Tome of Power]

"A gift from the gods to them, and now a gift to me... Thank you, Demo."

A gift from Demo-chan. Greatly empowers all damage you deal, though this comes at the price of potentially putting yourself in greater danger with your own weapons.

Enthrallment Solution [Porkalator, Morph Ovum]

"These mindless beasts are so easy to control..."

Creatures sprinkled with this will abide by your command, turning against your own foes. Does not appear to work on very strong-willed enemies (that is, bosses).

Pocket Light [Torch, Lite-Amp]

"I should try not to shine this on myself, it's very intense."

A little flashlight that attaches to your chest pocket. Provides fairly strong illumination, which explains why its battery drains so quickly.

Aerial Amulet [Wings of Wrath]

"I am no stranger to the power of flight, and its many dangers..."

Allows you to fly about. Its effects can be toggled at will (do watch out for heights when you do so). Due to its fragility, it will shatter should you travel too far of a distance through portals.

Elemental Coating [Radsuit]

"Earth has become quite dangerous since the invasion. Lava seeps in from Hell itself, and toxic waste is abound..."

Allows you to harmlessly wade through hazardous liquids for a limited time.

Omnisight [Computer Map]

"Seems people are passing these around so others can find their way... Most useful."

Connected to your phone, this will fill in the rough outline of the map.

Ammo Management

"I have a system, and I follow it."

As Kirin has no access to fancy automatic loaders to do it for him, he has to handle mag management on his own. The concept is somewhat straightforward, if you consider magazines to basically require their own reloading, like guns do. This is all handled through a dedicated menu, where you can select which ammo type and magazine to handle, and then get on to loading/removing rounds, one by one. Those familiar with the Hideous Destructor mag manager may find themselves at home here, and as a fellow enjoyer of that mod, I will admit this was intentional from my part.

Do make sure to sit in a safe spot when managing your mags, as the process will be interrupted if Kirin takes damage.


"Uhm... Of course I have one, why wouldn't I?"

Kirin has a phone, and it is the most powerful tool at his disposal for gathering and processing information about the environment. A journal is available that will be automatically filled in with notes about locked doors, spots where a puzzle item must be used, and other remarks of interest. It's also possible to track the positions of uncollected items and look them up later if needed. And, of course, you also have access to neat lil' stats on your performance, progress through the campaign, and whatnot, just like back in the Demolitionist mod. You can also use it to light the way, though it won't be as potent as the Pocket Light.

Don't worry about it running out of battery, though, it's got plenty of juice for several days (And honestly, if you somehow take that long playing the game that it does run out... You've got a bigger problem there, but hey, at least you can recharge it).

BTW if you're curious, that phone background is his favorite anime character.


I'm afraid this mod will be Hexen-only, for story reasons. It should be compatible with a wide variety of custom mapsets, too, as long as they don't introduce new weapons (which will kinda throw off things).

On second thought, maybe Doom/Heretic compatibility can be added. Some people just don't like playing Hexen, and that is perfectly understandable. At first I thought this would be "anachronistic" lore-wise, but nobody said Kirin couldn't have taken part in fighting against the Demon Invasion of 2148. Maybe his aunt asked him to come help, perhaps?

Nevertheless, Hexen compat will be the first priority, and everything else will come after.

"Never shall these foul beasts plague this land forevermore..."