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Repository for standalone UI mods.
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This repository contains standalone versions of various UI elements from Codename: DEMOLITIONIST, to be used by themselves or with other mods.

They are as follows:


Dopamine delivery through damage dealing indicators.

Supports custom colors for a couple extra damage types.


Displays the map title (and author name, if any) on load.

Evocative of how Souls games show area names.


Health bars on targets, with optional name tags and such.

Has the additional feature of a single health bar display on the middle of the screen for the last enemy you aimed at, if you'd rather use that instead (or both).


It's a minimap, with optional stats below it.

It follows more or less the same drawing logic as the GZDoom automap but with some extras such as showing visible enemies, items and projectiles.

Also has the additional feature of showing your path through the map (note that this setting has to be manually turned on each game session, and the data does not persist across saves).


Not actually a wheel, but more of a vertical carousel of weapon icons, akin to the inventory bar for your items.

Use your previous/next weapon buttons to scroll, primary fire to select, and secondary fire to cancel.

Should be compatible with all weapon mods that use conventional ammo handling.